Nursery Operation

The nursery operation is, of course, the center of all activities at Emory Knoll Farms.


The current focus of our propagation efforts are several hundred varieties of plants to be installed on green roofs across the country.

In addition to our production greenhouses, we have a number of test plots located around our nursery on roofs, raised planters, and at ground level.  R&D occurs year-round at Emory Knoll Farms.

Our relationships with green roof materials manufacturers allow us to test different types of roofing materials as well as different plants and growing medium mixes.  In our experience, the type of planting medium, choice of plant material, integrity of the roofing materials, and physical construction of the roof together create the foundation for a successful green roof.  Our cumulative expertise with green roofs allows us the maximum flexibility in consulting with architects, landscape architects, builders, and owners to develop plant lists that will work effectively for each installation, ensuring a successful green roof.

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