Right plant, right place is an important consideration for success in any landscape, but it is critical to have expert horticultural experience when selecting plants to grow in the extreme conditions found on a rooftop. Installing the wrong plants can result in years of costly maintenance, weeding, and plant replacement.

As the nation’s leading supplier of plants for green roof systems since 1998, our horticulture team has more experience than any other nursery in the United States growing plants for successful green roof projects. We are active in green roof plant research, and collaborate with educational institutions, and nurseries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Our horticulture team is constantly studying and trialing new varieties of plants suitable for green roof applications. With 10 Research & Development green roofs installed at Emory Knoll Farms to test plants, roofing systems, and soil mixes, we have the experience to know what makes a green roof thrive – and why.

Emory Knoll Farms President, Ed Snodgrass, has written three booksGreen Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide, The Green Roof Manual – A Professional Guide to Design, Installation and Maintenance and Small Green Roofs – used by green roof industry professionals, internationally.

As green roof consultants, we work regularly with landscape architects, designers, installers, and maintenance professionals, at all stages of the green roof construction process.


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