Green Roof Resources

Interest in green roofs can be found across many disciplines, stemming from economic, aesthetic, and environmental reasons.

Green roofs offer significant advantages and continue to generate interest for both new and renovated construction projects. Because green roofs are dynamic, living systems, they evolve in response to their surrounding environment. This varies season to season and year to year. The most successful green roofs are designed to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

Designers and landscape architects are frequently called upon to develop plant palettes for green roof projects as part of the bidding process. At Emory Knoll Farms, we work side-by-side with architects, engineers, builders, landscape architects and designers on green roof projects. We believe that a solid and shared foundation of knowledge about green roofs has advantages to all involved in this industry and more importantly, to our environment.

We have collected information we hope you will find useful for all your green roof projects.

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