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While design professionals have begun to tailor their skills to keep pace with the trend towards green roof construction, many are quickly discovering that because green roofs are a living construction element, plant palettes cannot be treated as “cut and paste” across projects, unlike so many hardscape details for stone walls, brick walks, and concrete sidewalks.  Roof loads, project budgets, design intent, client goals, and construction access must all be considered.  Climatic differences can vary immensely from one geographic location to another, and micro-climates found on the roofs of individual buildings should be considered when making plant choices.

Green Roof Consulting for Your Project

We are widely experienced green roof consultants, and have worked with architects, designers, installers, and maintenance professionals on green roofs in all geographic regions of the lower 48 states, as well as internationally in England, France, New Zealand, China, Australia, Mexico, and Morocco. We use our knowledge and experience to provide real-world plant solutions for your green roof projects.

Our knowledge and experience has been sought on green roof projects from garden sheds and penthouse roofs in the private sector, to multi-acre, large-scale government properties; from complex research projects with recognized organizations, to functional storm water management roofs for commercial properties.  We have been involved in all stages of the green roof construction process, including pre-planning concept designs, plant list and drawing review, to trouble-shooting maintenance procedures.

Frequent consulting topics and questions include:

  • on-site visits to evaluate the health, conditions, and performance of existing green roofs
  • creation of plant lists for specific project sites or site conditions
  • preparation of reports detailing performance of particular species in various site locations
  • review of plant lists prepared by architects, landscape architects, and project designers
  • coordinating green roof maintenance with building operations personnel
  • trouble-shooting existing issues; maintenance recommendations
  • green roofs and LEED Certification; use of Native species on green roofs
  • integrating the design of a green roof with other types of rooftop gardens or other site amenities
  • green roof design for educational experience
  • plant selection for green roofs


$125 per hour – travel and accommodation expenses additional.  Weekly rates available – please call us for details.  We are happy to schedule consulting visits for multiple projects in the same area to reduce costs.

Please call us at 410-452-5880 to arrange site visits and other consulting services.


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