Our catalog includes over 100 varieties of plants proven to be successful on green roofs for a wide range of applications, including stormwater management, and biodiversity.  As green roof specialists, we have tested hundreds of different plant species and offer extensive experience selecting the best plant solutions to work with a variety of site-specific roofing systems, soil mixes, environmental conditions, regions, and climates. Emory Knoll Farms has supplied plants for over three million square feet of planted green roofs in the United States.

Green roof plants have different requirements than those grown by traditional nurseries. Plants installed on a roof must be incredibly resilient to survive the challenging and unique growing conditions of wind, rain, and heat found on a green roof. The plants grown at Emory Knoll Farms are conditioned throughout the growing process to thrive when planted on a green roof, or, in other challenging landscape locations. Ask about our specially designed growing media, why we think plugs are best for green roofs, how we grow our plants, and where our plants can be used, even beyond green roofs.

In addition to selling many individual species, our experienced horticulture team has developed a selection of Mixed Flats, with plant blends for different geographic regions to fulfill specific horticultural and design needs. Our catalog also showcases Green Roof Stars – a short list of plants proven to be the most successful when planted on your first green roof or the most challenging landscapes.

We are also happy to discuss custom grow work and custom design plant palette work. Contact our office to discuss your project.


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