Emory Knoll Farms has been in operation for over 150 years.  Our Green Roof Plant nursery is the most recent incarnation of our long-standing agricultural tradition.

Welcome to Emory Knoll Farms!

Emory Knoll Farms is the only nursery in the U.S. dedicated solely to the propagation of plants for the green roof industry.  Our wholesale nursery that has been in operation since 1998, and our green roof plant business became incorporated in 2004.

Our current selection of plants is the end product of many years of solid experience, both in greenhouses and on green roofs.  We have supplied plants for more than six hundred green roof projects across the US and in Canada, as well as overseas.  We are active in plant Research and Development regionally and internationally and keep several test plots on site.  We are always acquiring and testing new varieties of plants, and work with educational institutions around the globe, supporting various green roof research projects.

Our nursery is managed to develop and provide green roof plants in the an ecologically responsible manner.  We believe that every aspect of our enterprise should be operated in this manner, and our sustainable practices extend to our grounds and our business operations.

We currently stock over 100 varieties of green roof plants including sedums, groundcovers, herbaceous perennials, and grasses.  Our plants are sold primarily as plugs and cuttings; seeds are also available.  We are experienced in working with a variety of different roofing systems, soil mixes, manufacturers, designers, and climates.  We often custom grow orders based on the needs of the individual project.  In addition to our plants, we also offer on-site evaluations and consulting services.  Please contact us to discuss the specifications and scope of your green roof project.


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