Chiropractic Office


  • Date Planted: June 1st, 2001
  • Project Name: Chiropractic Office
  • Location: Hazelton, PA
  • Building Category: Commercial
  • Size (Sq Ft): 6000
  • Type: Extensive
  • Plant Material Type: 72 Plugs
  • Installer: David Bros. Landscaping


This stunning building and green roof deserve all the awards it has received. The ogee-shaped roofline blends perfectly with the surrounding Pennsylvania hills. The extensive green roof is on 4″ of media with a carpet of S. sexangulare, S. album ‘Murale’, S. floriferum “Weihenstephaner Gold” and other staple plants. Sedum sarmentosum is planted along the edges to provide a hanging dripline in summer.

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