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Green Roof Plants – A Resource and Planting Guide, by Edmund C. Snodgrass and Lucie L. Snodgrass

Concise, accurate and easy to use, this handbook is an indispensable practical reference guide, not just for architects, landscape designers, engineers, and environmentalists, but also for environmentally conscious home gardeners..

“This is an essential resource for home gardeners, landscape architects, and designers looking for environmentally friendly choices.” – Alice Joyce, Booklist

“Ed and Lucie Snodgrass’s book shows the exciting potential of roof planting going far beyond the usual selections.  Based on their extensive hands-on work with plants, their recommendations may mean the difference between a green roof and a brown one.”  – Nigel Dunnett and Noël Kingsbury, Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls


The Green Roof  Manual – A Professional Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance, by Edmund C. Snodgrass and Linda McIntyre

At last, those seeking basic information about how to design and build green roofs have a concise, authoritative guide to this exciting new technology.

.“Snodgrass and McIntyre deliver a rich and nuanced compendium of cases, lessons, facts, and highly specific insights into the contemporary design, construction, and maintenance of green roofs in North America” – Christian Werthmann, Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of  Design

“An outstanding book that can be fully trusted and relied upon as the best source of current information on creating and caring for a green roof.  A complete and thorough reference, The Green Roof Manual is honest, realistic, and based on vast first-hand experience.”  – Holly H. Shimizu, Executive Director, U.S. Botanic Garden


Small Green Roofs CoverSmall Green Roofs:  Low-Tech Options for Greener Living,  by Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little and Edmund C. Snodgrass

Garages, bicycle shelters, carports, porches, barns, and home extensions are perfect locations for green roofs. The first book to focus on small-scale and domestic green roofs. Small Green Roofs contains more than forty profiles of small and domestic-scale projects of all shapes and sizes.

” A real trailblazer… the only in-depth guide to do it yourself green roofs… A balance of functional how-to with inspirational ideas and solid horticultural information.” – American Horticultural Society


Awards:  American Horticultural Society Book Award

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