Plant Catalog

Welcome to our online plant catalog!

The Preferred Plants link to the left showcases our core list of the most reliable and versatile extensive green roof plants that we carry.  These are the plants that have been proven across a broad range of hardiness zones, geographical areas, and roofing systems.  The Full Catalog listing includes all the plants we currently grow.

Over the years, Emory Knoll Farms has tested several hundred varieties of plants. As we continue to evaluate plant performance on green roofs over time, we will continue to add new plants to our inventory.


Availability and Placing an Order

Please contact us if you have questions about the availability of plants for your project.  If you don’t have a plant list, feel free to call us to discuss what plants would be best for your specific site needs.


Custom Growing

We are a preferred green roof grower for custom and contract work, and ship nationwide.  We consistently hear from our customers that our level of service is the highest in the industry.  Call us at 410-452-5880!


A Note on Taxonomy and Botanical Nomenclature

As more botanical research is completed, plants are often reclassified into different ranks, causing their names to change.  As a horticultural business, we do endeavor to keep up with the latest taxonomic changes, and try to show these changes in a user friendly way.   We express fairly recent changes in nomenclature by listing both names.  The older – usually more recognizable – name is listed first, and then the new name is listed as a synonym.  For example, Talinum calycinum syn. Phemeranthus calycinus.


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