Our People


Emory Knoll Farms is as much a living organism as the plants we grow!  Our people bring a diverse range of backgrounds, core areas of expertise, and interests; and we openly embrace these differences to make the team we now have.  We also share many important attributes, such as personal integrity, work ethic, and professionalism.

As a whole, we endeavor to be a learning organization.


Ed Snodgrass

Ed Snodgrass is a fifth generation farmer and nurseryman, and is president & founder of Emory Knoll Farms.   Ed is the co-author of Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Plant Guide (Timber Press, 2006) and The Green Roof  Manual (Timber Press, 2010). Ed is a member of the American Horticultural Society and the International Plant Propagator’s Society and has served as a board member of the Maryland Nurserymen’s Association.  Ed is responsible for the horticultural aspects of our operation and he provides horticultural consulting services.  He tests and assesses hundreds of plants, and various green roof systems.  He also lectures widely at universities, regional, national, and international conferences.  He is master of the bad pun and keeps our staff grinning with his daily insights on … well, just about everything!


John Shepley is vice president and co-owner of Emory Knoll Farms.  John has a degree in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University and has worked as a systems engineer,

John Shepley

management consultant, and business manager in various industries.  In 2003, after living in Europe for several years, John joined Ed to form Emory Knoll Farms, Inc.   With a keen interest in sustainable energy solutions, including solar heating, solar electricity, and bio-diesel fuel systems, John was instrumental in developing our technology platforms, both in the office and around the nursery.  John and his wife are avid locavores, always on the lookout to support local farmers and businesses.


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