Our People


Emory Knoll Farms is as much a living organism as the plants we grow!  Our people bring a diverse range of backgrounds, core areas of expertise, and interests; and we openly embrace these differences to make the team we now have.  We also share many important attributes, such as personal integrity, work ethic, and professionalism.

As a whole, we endeavor to be a learning organization.


Ed Snodgrass

Ed Snodgrass – Owner and President: Edmund C. Snodgrass is president and founder of Emory Knoll Farms, Inc. and Green Roof Plants. Edmund has consulted on projects throughout the US and also in England, France, New Zealand, China, Australia, Mexico, Sweden and Morocco.

Edmund collaborates on green roof research with academic institutions including Penn State University, University of Melbourne, University of Maryland, University of Auckland, and Sheffield University. A popular speaker and published author, Edmund lectures widely at universities and regional, national and international conferences.

Edmund is the co-author of Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Plant Guide (Timber Press, 2006), The Green Roof Manual A Professional Guide To Design, Installation and Maintenance. (Timber Press 2010), Small Green Roofs (Timber Press 2011), and The New American Landscape: Leading Voices on the Future of Sustainable Gardening (Timber Press 2011)


Dominique Bayne – General Manager and Horticulturist: Dominique is a horticulturist specializing in Green Roof Plants, Succulents, and Southwestern Native plants. A life long gardener and botanizer, she spent many years as a Senior Horticulturist at Denver Botanic Gardens before joining the Emory Knoll Farms team in 2010. In a prior life she was an Electrical Engineer and lived in England.


Carey Rowsom – Sales and Shipping: Carey has been with EKF since 2005. Her extensive experience makes her a great customer contact. She creates estimates, organizes sales, and coordinates plant deliveries. Prior to joining our team, she was employed at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, for nearly 2 decades, working in the Animal Science and Welfare Dept. She has long been interested in environmental conservation. And, she dreams of living in Ireland….someday.


Ann Gaydos – Sales and Marketing: Ann has significant experience as a Project Manager and is ideally suited for coordinating customer orders. After an award-winning media career at ABC, NBC and PBS, she has chosen to follow her avid, longtime interest in plants, and is helping us to promote and educate customers about green roofs. We are lucky to have her accomplished and insightful input in marketing and customer service.


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