Research & Development

Emory Knoll Farms is a wholesale perennial plug nursery, with a focus on the propagation and research of green roof plants. Our catalog includes sedums, succulents, herbaceous perennials, grasses, and bulbs. We grow and offer over 100 varieties and are continuously trialing and evaluating new plants on our many green roof and wall test sites.

Our partnerships with universities, green roof manufacturers and installers have offered many opportunities to work with the best in the field to advance the technology of green roof systems. We have trialed hundreds of plant varieties and are constantly experimenting with propagation techniques and growing methods to improve our plants. Our on-site test roofs and walls are varied in construction methods, substrates, and environmental exposures; our collaboration with installers allows us to test and monitor plants in real life situations all over the country.

In addition to our own research, Emory Knoll Farms supports green roof research efforts by universities and colleges around the world. We often provide plant material for research projects, scientific trials, and case studies. We frequently collaborate with many university research teams in planning and executing projects. Our 20 years of experience with green roofs around the world allows us the maximum flexibility in consulting with architects, landscape architects, builders, and owners to develop plant lists that will be successful in each unique installation. To see the latest plants that we have selected for use on green roof projects, please see our Catalog.

If you have specific questions about our plants or research or need an experienced professional horticulturist to consult on your green roof project, please contact us directly.

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