Ordering & Shipping

How To Order Plants

Our availability is constantly changing so please contact us directly regarding your project. Please call 410-452-5880 or email your plant list to our sales department: sales@greenroofplants.com

Custom Orders  

We are happy to provide our customers with plants grown to specification. If you need a plant that is not in our catalog, feel free to contact us to discuss growing your order. Please note that due to the seasonality of our business, some items listed in our inventory may be sold out at times and some may require a longer lead time for propagation.

Shipping  Costs

We are happy to provide you with a quote for your project. Please contact our office with a plant list and include a shipping address with a tentative date of delivery or installation date. Shipping quotes are done on a per project basis, based on the quantity ordered and delivery location. We will choose the most economical means of shipping unless otherwise specified...

When Do We Ship

We ship plants Mondays through Thursdays, depending on the number of days required for delivery; we do not ship on Fridays or weekends. We require a MINIMUM 2-week notice for shipments. If a delivery is time sensitive, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to order and accommodate the delivery to meet his/her own schedule. Orders placed less than two weeks from the shipping date may be subject to an expediting fee.

Phytosanitary Certificates and Inspection

Certain states and countries require individual inspections prior to shipping, which may add additional time to the delivery schedule for an order. Treatment and/or documentation fees may apply. Emory Knoll Farms will notify you if an inspection is required. Emory Knoll Farms is inspected annually by the Maryland Department of Agriculture and meets applicable Maryland Requirements.
Upon Arrival of Plants

All plant material sold by Emory Knoll Farms must be unpacked on the day of arrival. Plants should be placed in an area with abundant sunlight and ventilation.

Extracting Plugs  

Pulling on the crown of the plant may break roots at the stem.  Turn flats upside down and pound (thwack, clobber, whack, or wallop) plugs out onto planting area or into a container.

Shipping Notes  

Our plants are shipped in specially designed packaging in which they can stand normal handling and storage for up to 7 days. However, extremely hot, cold, or wet conditions for prolonged periods are to be avoided. If plants are stored in the flats on-site, they should be watered periodically to ensure the vitality of the plants.

These plants are not meant to be ready for retail sale and may have been cut back for shipping purposes. If shipped in colder months, some plants may be in their natural dormant state and may have no visible growth above the growing medium. However,  every flat of plugs we ship contains healthy, viable plants that are ready for planting.


Emory Knoll Farms, Inc. ships healthy, viable plants. If there is any damage due to delay, extreme heat/cold, or breakage, call the Transportation Agent (i.e. UPS Customer Service – 800-742-5877) immediately to inspect the shipment. In the event of loss, a claim must be filed with the Transportation Agent by the purchaser.

No claims will be allowed for shortages or errors unless reported within 5 days of receipt of goods. Please inspect your shipment immediately upon arrival and call us immediately (410-452-5880) if you think you have received the wrong quantity or species, or if you are dissatisfied with the quality of your plugs. Emory Knoll Farms guarantees our plants to be healthy upon shipment and to be true to name and variety. After the plants have left our care, Emory Knoll Farms, Inc. cannot be held responsible for poor handling, poor planting conditions, damage caused by severe weather such as drought, frost, and wind, damage from pest and disease, or other site conditions beyond our control.

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