Talinum calycinum


Talinum calycinum, commonly called fame flower or rock pink, is a superior accent plant on green roofs, widely used for its spectacular flower display. Fleshy, bright green, needle-like leaves form small clumps which support the flower stems. Five-petaled flowers of bright pink to magenta with yellow centers open every afternoon from May to the first frost. A gentle breeze will set the flowers dancing like hovering butterflies. Pollinators, such as honeybees and butterflies, love this plant. It is a drought tolerant, North American Native that can be grown throughout Zones 6-9, and as an annual farther north. This plant goes dormant through the winter. It will self-sows freely in open medium, but does not displace other ground covers. Works well as an accent, or planted in swaths to take advantage of the color offered by massing the flowers.


  • Botanical Name: Talinum calycinum syn. Phemeranthus calycinus
  • Family: Portulacaceae
  • Plant Type: Hardy Perennial
  • Plant Usage: Accent
  • Hardiness Zone: 6
  • Foliage Color: Green
  • Flower Color: Hot Pink, Fuschia
  • Bloom Time: Late Spring to Midautumn
  • Winter Interest: Dormant
  • Height: 10"
  • Spread: 6"
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun
  • Origin: North America
  • Self Sowing: Yes
  • Shade Tolerant: No
  • Substitutes: Dianthus carthusianorum,

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