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  • Asclepias tuberosa
    With its striking bright orange flowers, this North American and Mid-Atlantic native is a great accent plant. It is a host plant for monarch butterfly larva and helps increase the biodiversity on a green roof.
  • Bigelowia nuttallii
    Showy yellow flowers are borne high above tuft-like foliage. A very drought tolerant North American Native, with a lasting bloom. Tolerates some shade.
  • Bouteloua gracilis
    Lovely fine textured grass. Seed heads/flowers are held on one side of the stem and resemble eyebrows. Self-seeding accent plant. North American Native.
  • Bulbine frutescens
    Aloe-like accent plant with bright green foliage. Showy yellow flowers. Non-hardy succulent.
  • Campanula rotundifolia
    A North American Native commonly used on European green roofs. Needs some shade and water.
  • Carex flacca
    Semi-evergreen blue-green grass. Use as an accent or slow-growing ground cover for foliage.
  • Cylindropuntia imbricata
    This hardy North American cactus can be used to add height and structure to a green roof.
  • Delosperma cooperi
    Large magenta flowers top a thick mat of green succulent foliage. A reliable and hardy species that grows rapidly and covers well. One of the most popular Delosperma in the trade.
  • Delosperma nubigenum
    Bright yellow blooms, in spring only. Foliage turns a bright reddish-pink, in cold weather.
  • Dianthus arenarius
    Fragrant, feathery white flowers and slender grass-like green foliage.
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