North American Natives

Plants native to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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  • Allium cernuum
    Reliable North American native with a nodding flower habit. Tolerates some shade.
  • Allium stellatum
    This native prairie onion has muted tones, from a drier, sunnier habitat than cernuum.
    Sold as bare root Bulbs.
  • Antennaria dioica
    Known by the common name pussytoes, for the shape of the flowers in late spring resemble the pads of a cats foot.  The fuzzy foliage forms a dense sprawling mat in low nutrition sites such as pastures and areas with stone soils. Not suitable for hot humid summers of the deep south, larval source for American lady butterflies.
  • Aquilegia canadensis
    Columbine is found naturally in North America, adapted to a wide range of conditions. Displaying beautiful Crimson Red flowers early in the season.
  • Argemone platyceras
    The self-sowing prickly poppy, found in dry roadsides & prairies of Western North America makes it a great selection for greenroofs.
  • Armeria maritima ‘Splendens’
    Shiny dark green narrow leaves form tufted clumps. Pink flowers. Tolerates salt and shade. Dark green to purple winter foliage. North American native.
  • Asclepias tuberosa
    With its striking bright orange flowers, this North American and Mid-Atlantic native is a great accent plant. It is a host plant for monarch butterfly larva and helps increase the biodiversity on a green roof.
  • Aster alpinus ‘Dunkle Shoene’
    The variety 'Dunkle Schoen' has excellent performance, adding mid-season bloom for pollinators on the roof.
  • Bigelowia nuttallii
    Showy yellow flowers are borne high above tuft-like foliage. A very drought tolerant North American Native, with a lasting bloom. Tolerates some shade.
  • Bouteloua curtipendula
    Side Oats, the flower is one sided contains orange anthers that add motion.
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