North American Natives

Plants native to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

  • Liatris spicata
    This eastern North American native is a great accent plant to add color and height to a green roof. Its purple flower spike is a pollinator magnet and will increase biodiversity.
  • Mixed Flats – 30% Natives
    Owner and renowned green roof consultant, Ed Snodgrass, created this specific mix of plants to meet the LEED requirements for native plants on a green roof. The mix has a functional base of ground cover plants, combined with 30% native accents plants.
  • Monarda fistulosa
    North American Native with purple-pink flowers and fragrant foliage. It is a magnet for pollinators.
  • Opuntia compressa syn. O. humifusa
    A US native cactus that stands out on a green roof. A great way to add a sculptural element to an extensive roof.
  • Opuntia phaeacantha
    This North American Native cactus is a wonderful structural addition to any roof.
  • Penstemon barbatus ssp. coccineus
    A major attractant for hummingbirds, with its bright scarlet-red tubular flowers, held high above the foliage on tall stems. North American Native.
  • Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmeus
    North American Native that attracts many pollinators. Light purple and white flowers.
  • Phlox subulata
    A beautiful carpet of flowers in very early spring. Green foliage through winter. North American Native. Tolerates some shade.
  • Ratibida columnifera
    This North American native is a great accent to add height and biodiversity to a green roof. The bright yellow ray flowers have a striking cone of disc flowers in the center.
  • Ruellia humilis
    This Mid-Atlantic native is a great accent plant to add height, texture, and biodiversity to any roof.

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