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  • Penstemon hirsutus var. pygmeus
    North American Native that attracts many pollinators. Light purple and white flowers.
  • Petrorhagia saxifraga
    Very fine textured light green foliage covered with tiny pale pink flowers. Extremely drought tolerant. Tolerates some shade.
  • Phedimus takesimensis
    Fast-growing with substantial foliage. Holds its leaves much longer into the winter than similar species. May remain green all winter in mild weather. Shade tolerant.
  • Phlox subulata
    A beautiful carpet of flowers in very early spring. Green foliage through winter. North American Native. Tolerates some shade.
  • Ratibida columnifera
    This North American native is a great accent to add height and biodiversity to a green roof. The bright yellow ray flowers have a striking cone of disc flowers in the center.
  • Ruellia humilis
    This Mid-Atlantic native is a great accent plant to add height, texture, and biodiversity to any roof.
  • Schizachyrium scoparium
    Tall Mid-Atlantic native grass with blue-green foliage that turns red in fall and winter. 
  • Sedum aizoon
    A great accent plant, adds height and structure to an extensive roof. Tall with yellow flowers late in the season.
  • Sedum aizoon ‘Euphorbioides’
    A remarkable shrub-like plant. Bright red stems and large yellow flower heads. Deciduous.
  • Sedum album
    A staple plant in the green roof industry. A green carpet with white flowers in summer. Bright red foliage in winter.
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